Professor Marcelo at the GB World Summit 2019

Last week, Professor Marcelo was in California to take part in the Gracie Barra World Summit, an event dedicated to the three pillars that have made Gracie Barra the largest and most successful Brazilian tea in the world: GB Legacy, GB Jiu-Jitsu, and GB Competition.

There, he learned and shared a lot, competed and got promoted to Black Belt First Degree by Master Carlos Gracie himself.

Being a surf lover, of course he took a little break to enjoy the Californian beaches. The video below shows a little bit of his time in California.

Be sure to don’t miss the classes, as Professor Marcelo has lots to share. And if you want to go deeper and get tailored tips for your game, you can always take some private classes. We have different packages to meet everyone’s needs.

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