GB Ambassadors: improve your skills & support GB Athletes!

Join our Ambassadors Training Day, on Sep 15th, from 12:00 – 2:00 pm, and help our athletes to achieve their dreams!

This day will involve our GB Quebec members of all ages learning from our GB black belts/coaches. An excellent opportunity to improve your skills, learn new techniques, train with different partners and encourage Quebec athletes.

All funds raised from this event will go directly to the GB Quebec Ambassador Program. The registration is $50 per person. We also accept donations from the students.

There are two classes over the duration of the GB Training Day, which are:

    •  Black Belt Seminar (1h)
    • Training (1h)

Click on “REGISTER” to secure your place:

About GB Ambassador

The GB Ambassador Program aims to help fund our athletes to achieve their dreams at major competitions around the world. We created a system where all the GB members involved will benefit from this project.

Our goal is for as many members of the GB community to participate in the program as possible. By doing so, we will help our competition team grow while improving as students as well. All participants will notice an overall improvement in their Jiu-Jitsu. By taking part in the events, not only their technical abilities will improve, but also their culture, values and philosophies of GB will become more evident as the GB community grows stronger.

Thanks in advance for making a difference! See you all on the mat!

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