Top 10 Gifts To Give a Jiu-Jitsu Fighter For Christmas

If your special one is into Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, we can help you get them the perfect gift. Here is the ultimate Christmas wish list for Jiu-Jitsu students:

1. New Gi (Kimono)
By far the most popular Christmas gift for BJJ among the families that come into Gracie Barra pro shop during the holidays is buying a BJJ uniform. It’s always good to have a new/extra one.

2. Gracie Barra Rash Guard
Less expensive than a new Gi, and still an amazing gift.

3. Private Lesson
Another very requested holiday gift for BJJ fighters, and if you can swing it, this is probably what the athlete wants the most out of everything on the list. Talk to our staff to learn more about available options/prices!

4. Gift Certificate
An excellent idea for someone you know is interested in martial arts or someone you want to get started but needs an extra PUSH.

Find out more about our Gift certificates HERE  and HERE.

5. Online BJJ Technique Membership
These are great for grapplers of any level. Techniques, classes, tips and rolling sessions from the very best in the world.

There are many in the market, but we strongly recommend Renzo Gracie Online Academy. Check it out HERE.

6. Upper Body Home Workout Bar
A great way to get in shape for BJJ. They will be able to work their whole upper body and grips. There are many styles available online.

7. Foam Roller
For grapplers who are always whining about their back, neck, and knees after training, a foam roller is a great gift. A nice one, of course.

Some good ones are:
Trigger Point Grid – HolaBirdSports
The GRID – Zappos
Rumble Roller

8. A BJJ Grip Kit
A good grip is vital for Jiu-Jitsu. Here is a good low-cost kit you can gift:

9. A Spa + Massage Gift Card
After all the intensive training, there is no better way to restore the body than a spa treatment. The serotonin produced will help the fighter to relax both physically and mentally. Pick your favorite spa and surprise your special one!

10 – The Ultimate Gift: a membership plan at Gracie Barra
They will thank Santa until 2019!

You can check our ongoing deals to help with the budget:

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