Are you mentally prepared? Meditation and BJJ

How Mindfulness can improve your Jiu-Jitsu experience.

When it comes to success in sports, coaches and athletes know that there’s a mental component, but many don’t have an understanding of how to prepare psychologically. That’s where the concept of mindfulness can be beneficial. Meditation is not only great for stress relief and health (even the American Heart Association recommends adopting a regular practice!), but it can also give you a serious boost in your fitness endeavours.

Yep, research backs this up. A study of world-class athletes’ brain activity patterns and other mental characteristics revealed that much of the athletes’ success can be attributed to high levels of brain integration, self- and moral development, and the ability to have peak experiences.

Mindfulness entails being aware of the present moment and accepting things as they are without judgment. When people are able simply to watch experiences come and go, rather than latch onto and overthink them, they are better able to intentionally shift their focus to their performance rather than distracting negative experiences such as anxiety. Its constant practice can improve your pain tolerance, tune out distractions, give you the motivation to hit the mats when you’re not in the mood or even give you the confidence you need to execute a more challenging technique.

Becoming skilled at mindful awareness requires practice. Mindfulness training involves exercises such as body scan, rhythmic breathing and visualization. Practicing these exercises several times a day will help you develop greater awareness, and eventually, you can translate this awareness into specific tasks and activities.

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