Mental benefits of training Jiu-Jitsu

When people first think about starting Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, they usually have in mind its physical benefits (improved fitness, strength, general physical conditioning, and flexibility).

But it is not only the endorphins that make the soft art so addictive. The mental benefits also have a huge impact on improving people’s lives.

Here are some of them:

Jiu-jitsu helps you relax.

The power of exercise is that it helps people relax by releasing endorphins to the brain that elevate mood, which reduces anxiety and also helps you sleep. When you train jiu-jitsu, you exert a lot of energy, which leaves your body exhausted. As you surpass your own limits and reach your goals, rest and recovery become even more rewarding. And sometimes, a feeling of a hard day’s work is relaxing enough.

Jiu-jitsu gives you a confidence boost.

Jiu-jitsu provides students with an avenue to achieve self-confidence. You will not only gain confidence in your jiu-jitsu training but in other areas of your life, as well. Confidence helps you be successful in everything you do and makes your personality shine. Confidence means believing in yourself, which isn’t to be confused with arrogance.

Jiu-jitsu strengthens your problem-solving skills.

Jiu-jitsu is a very calculated game. It is often called the human game of chess, which is true in some ways. Calculations made by effective jiu-jitsu fighters require a very high level of thinking. Jiu-jitsu practitioners often think several steps ahead and develop a different way of thinking because of it. You begin to see this way of thinking as you move forward on your jiu-jitsu journey.

Jiu-jitsu helps improve your mental strength.

Face it — sometimes skills and technique are not enough. The ability to persevere through a submission and escape is not able to be achieved without mental strength. The extra mental toughness achieved through jiu-jitsu training can help overcome any physical disadvantages present. This ties back into having the confidence in yourself and belief in your abilities.

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