Why Summer is a great season to train Jiu-Jitsu

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Summer season is typically a time when people train less and take it easy. Why does this happen? The weather is nice, people go on vacation, or do outside activities… Of course everybody should enjoy a break and relax, but keep in mind: JIU-JITSU IS NOT SEASONAL!

A few (GOOD) reasons why you should NOT QUIT JIU-JITSU during SUMMER:

  • Good BJJ fighters are made when the opponents are resting. That’s a great opportunity to improve considerably. While some of your training partners might be away, you will be tweaking your techniques and game flow.
  • We all know consistency is the key. You have come this far, you own to your body and mind to keep up the good work. If you feel you need a break, that’s ok. But having a minimum attendance in mind will help you avoid a setback.
  • You have time and your professor’s attention to focus on your weaknesses and prepare for the upcoming season (when a LOT of people sign up!)
  • You can do outdoor sports which indirectly will improve your BJJ game. If you have faulty cardio, you might do some hill sprints, for example. If you feel you need to develop physically, maybe some pull ups and push ups will help (you can check out our Open Air Conditioning Training that takes place every Saturday!)
  • Our school has A/C, shower and a beautiful waterfront view. It’s the perfect scenario for an amazing summer training session.

To sum up, try to keep training this Summer and enjoy the benefits of it. Believe us, all the hard work will pay off in the end!

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