About Good Habits: Commit to your BJJ & enjoy a better life

“Men’s natures are alike; it is their habits that separate them.” – Confucius

You might doubt it, but it has been proven that ONE GOOD HABIT has the power to completely change your life. And practising Jiu-Jitsu is definitely one of them. “Yeah, BJJ keeps us active, in shape, healthier and all that, but how exactly is it life changing?” I’m glad you asked:

  • It makes you feel better about yourself and more confident. That leads to better success with other positive changes.
  • It reinforces the positive thinking habit — you need to think positive to sustain it.
  • It relieves stress and gives you time to think — this leads to better mental well-being in your life overall.
  • It helps with creativity. Don’t ask me to prove it, except to say that great ideas and brainstorming sessions come from after a BJJ session.

Now, I’m sure you want to know how to accommodate BJJ into your routine once for all! Here are the basics:

  • Do a 30-day challenge.
  • Write it out on paper, along with your motivations, obstacles, and strategies for overcoming them.
  • Commit fully, in a public way.
  • Log your progress.
  • Remain publicly accountable — report on your progress each day.
  • Have support for when you falter — either in real life or online.
  • Reward your success (a new stripe, or belt, for example).
  • If you fail, figure out what went wrong, plan for it, and try again.

Hope you enjoy the tips! See you all on the mat! Oss.

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