#EatingWellIsJiuJitsu: How To Stay Healthy During The Holiday Season

First of all, we are not here to tell you that you shouldn’t indulge once in a while. The Holidays are here, and we SHOULD celebrate it properly! But if we have the option to make beneficial choices, why not? Take a look at this highly-effective guide of easy tricks to staying healthy and feeling good this holiday season!

Drink Up
We are talking about water! Water is going to be your best friend this holiday season by helping to keep you full and by flushing excess toxins out of your system.

Be sure to drink a glass of water before heading to your next social gathering, as it will prevent you from overindulging. Also, drink a glass of water alongside every glass of alcohol you have to prevent dehydration as well as a potential hangover.

Be Mindful Of Your Snacks
Allow yourself to enjoy desserts – just be mindful of the serving size. Don’t eat with your eyes, just enjoy small portions along with your water to fill you up faster.

Munch on a handful of raw, unsalted nuts before the party so that you aren’t starving upon arrival. That way, you’re much less likely to pile your plate with sugar and dairy.

Get Moving
To stay sane during this busy time, we highly recommend taking time out for yourself as much as you can.

We know, it’s hard, but our health should come first. By getting that daily sweat in, you help to rev up your metabolism so that your body can burn calories all day long. Not to mention all those wonderful endorphins that are released!

And don’t forget: during the Holidays, you can train at any Gracie Barra location in Greater Montreal!

Wait Before Getting Up For Seconds
After a delicious and comforting holiday meal, it may be super tempting to immediately reach for seconds, but then you’ll probably experience that feeling of being too full. You head to the couch to relax, but your food ends up sitting in your stomach and can’t properly digest, which then results in a sore stomach.

It takes just 20 minutes for your body to release those chemicals indicating whether or not you have eaten enough. So, if after 20 minutes you still feel hungry then allow yourself a small serving of seconds.

Enjoy A Cup Of Tea With Your Meal
Drinking cold drinks with a meal can interfere with digestion. Warm liquids, however, are very beneficial to enjoy alongside a heavy meal as they help with digestion; which is very important during the holiday season.

We hope these tips help you! Enjoy the holidays!

Source: https://www.truselforganics.com/blogs/news/how-to-stay-healthy-during-the-holiday-season

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