Why committing to jiu-jitsu will help your kid succeed in life

According to science, kids who participate in at least two years of an activity are grittier and more successful in life. Practicing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a great way to stimulate perseverance.

When parents research for a constructive activity for their kids, one that will help them evolve physically and mentally, they often end up enrolling them in jiu-jitsu. After all, the “gentle art” increases self-confidence, develops kids character, discipline and collaboration, increases focus and concentration… In short: it’s a very powerful ANTI-BULLYING tool.

What most of them still don’t know is that those benefits will be even more effective if they stick to jiu-jitsu for a while. Scientific researches show that kids who participate in at least two years of an activity are grittier. And, the grittier they are, the more likely they are to persevere and achieve excellence in areas they are passionate about. Data also shows that grittier people perform better in life.

The longer-term commitment gives your kids the chance to learn their strengths, and where they need to improve. And it gives them time to see the significant progress they can make as a direct result of their consistent hard work and effort.

It’s important always to encourage them and support them on the way. For sure, they will make you proud!

Source: Inc.

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